Profesionales de la Educación Bilingüe

Dr. María José Luelmo Castillo



María José Luelmo holds PhD from Rey Juan Carlos University, an expert diploma in e-learning: education and training through Internet from UNED and a Bachelor´s degree in English Philology from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

After having worked in several high schools, she started her professional career in post-secondary education at Nebrija University in 2001. From 2003, she has worked permanently at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos teaching several subjects related to English as a second language  in pre-school and primary education.

Her research work has been focused on educational innovation, specifically on the use of active methodologies in university contexts and the implementation of the European Language Portfolio.

Metodologías de aprendizaje activo en el aula bilingüe


The implementation of the bilingual programs has been accompanied by a necessary methodological renewal. Teaching content in a language that is not the mother tongue of the students does not simply entail the translation of these contents. The bilingual classroom teacher has had to change his perspective to ensure that students can learn.
In this context, we find the CLIL methodology, typical of bilingual contexts. However, there are also other methodologies that can contribute to the good development of the bilingual classroom: Active Methodologies. Cooperative learning through problems, through projects, through portfolios, gamification, etc., are examples of educational innovation that could improve the learning processes.

The objective of this communication is to delve into what are the fundamental elements of these methodologies, as well as their common origin in order to assess their viability and effectiveness in the bilingual classroom.

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