Profesionales de la Educación Bilingüe

Mr. Xerach Rodríguez Manrique de Lara

A brief CV


Xerach holds the position of coordinator of modern languages ​​in primary and secondary schools as well as head of the innovation department at Arenas Sur International School. He has taught robotics, computer science and English classes in elementary, middle school and high school courses for the last 13 academic years and is a Microsoft Office Specialist Instructor at the center. He has developed the robotics and programming program called CAS ROBOTS that seeks to promote scientific-technological vocations and is taught in English. He has participated as a workshop leader in different events supporting the integration of programming and robotics in any subject as well as its use in multidisciplinary projects that enrich the student’s global learning.


Robotics in CLIL


I firmly believe that both robotics and programming are fields that in some way should be banished from traditional ICTs and from computer science teacheing and integrated into multidisciplinary projects to enrich and contribute to the development of a final product. Today’s society and those of the next few years demand and will demand multitasking citizens who are able to function in a globalized, international, technological world and who can face challenges that are yet to be determined, from what would be a DeFi economy through the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the impact of augmented reality, etc. The vehicular language of robotics and programming is and will continue to be English. The objective of robotics and programming in the classroom should be, from my point of view, a way to promote the integration of scientific-technological elements in other fields, a complement that allows students to reinforce English with technical vocabulary, have fun , develop their creativity and establish skills bases in ICT that can be developed and specialized in the future, instead of focusing on mastering a specific program, a particular robot or a specific programming language. The evolution and changes that take place within the world of robotics or programming are so fast and complex in each specialization that it is impossible to try to cover its extension. I want to share my experience in the implementation of the CAS ROBOTS program in Arenas Sur. How we have integrated the use of robots and programming in multidisciplinary projects from this subject taught in English, materials used, how I have sequenced the program from 1st of Primary to 4th of ESO to promote this integration of scientific-technological elements in projects and the impact positive with our students.

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